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I made a discord for the game, feel free to join!



this is pretty fun to mess around with. someone should make a discord for online play since you need someone to actually gie them your ipv4. great stuff though.


Thank you!

It's interesting that you bring that up, it's something I've considered. If one ever gets made, I just hope I hear about it :p


I gotchu homie

i got rollback netcode working today. check back soon for a version of the game with online play :)


I know this isn't game related; but I wanted to say sorry that your attempt to take Spherus Magna didn't work out.

I'll get it next time 😔

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keyboard doesn't seem to work? It can read up and down inputs on the keyboard on the main menu, as well as Enter, but actual game play doesn't match your Itch page

Currently, you have to first go into the control settings and set the keyboard to be either player 1 or player 2.

It's a very dated implementation, sorry

This game needs two player keybord controlls. Here is my idea. 

P1: W A S D Z X C Q
P2: Up Left Down Right , . L


I'll always be a fan of small, experimental games that isolate interesting core mechanics. Hope you keep going with the project. Some critiques:

- Game felt clunky at first, even for someone with a bit of smash experience. More visual/audio feedback for player actions may help this.

- Tutorial could use an example of what proper wavedashing looks like and perhaps why it's useful (or just make another youtube video)

- Needs a training mode! Just take away health bars and let people keep smacking each other uninterrupted.

- Lack of shield and the addition of walls really change the flow of the game (not necessarily in a bad way). I'm interested to see how this affects strategy for high level play.

Oh, and I'd love any feedback you can give on my game Eucloid (free).

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With a XBox controller, once I enter the tutorial I can't do anything.

That aside, the game looks pretty solid. The only thing I'm missing at the moment is button configuration: I kind of prefer to jump with A and attack with X or whatever.

Also, is there any plan to add a AI to the game?

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in tutorial mode, it uses whichever controller is currently "player 1" according to the computer. Do you have multiple controllers plugged in?

I should probably fix that though :v

And I do wanna add custom controls eventually. c:

EDIT: Custom controlls is in development right now

That bug is fixed, and custom controls are now finished. Thank you for playing!


this is probably a silly question, but is there any keyboard support?

Not yet. I wanted to add keyboard support + custom controls at the same time, and I haven't gotten to the latter yet

It does now! <3

2 player keybord?