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- A simple fighting game with one attack -


  • Every attack you land heals your character, creating satisfying tug-of -war gameplay
  • Fast-paced action for short, tense games
  • Master genre-staple movement options such as dashdancing or wavedashing
  • Teaches spacing, neutral, and fundamentals
  • Features useful tools like hitbox visualizers, hurtbox visualizers with color-coded playerstates
  • NEW!! Customize your controls with a wide array of possible configurations
How to Play

Supported Controllers:

  • Xbox One, Xbox 360 (Native)
  • NEW!! Keyboard (Native)
  • Steam, PS4, Switch Pro (By running through Steam)


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NAIR 1.2.0.zip 9 MB

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I'll always be a fan of small, experimental games that isolate interesting core mechanics. Hope you keep going with the project. Some critiques:

- Game felt clunky at first, even for someone with a bit of smash experience. More visual/audio feedback for player actions may help this.

- Tutorial could use an example of what proper wavedashing looks like and perhaps why it's useful (or just make another youtube video)

- Needs a training mode! Just take away health bars and let people keep smacking each other uninterrupted.

- Lack of shield and the addition of walls really change the flow of the game (not necessarily in a bad way). I'm interested to see how this affects strategy for high level play.

Oh, and I'd love any feedback you can give on my game Eucloid (free).

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With a XBox controller, once I enter the tutorial I can't do anything.

That aside, the game looks pretty solid. The only thing I'm missing at the moment is button configuration: I kind of prefer to jump with A and attack with X or whatever.

Also, is there any plan to add a AI to the game?

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in tutorial mode, it uses whichever controller is currently "player 1" according to the computer. Do you have multiple controllers plugged in?

I should probably fix that though :v

And I do wanna add custom controls eventually. c:

EDIT: Custom controlls is in development right now

That bug is fixed, and custom controls are now finished. Thank you for playing!


this is probably a silly question, but is there any keyboard support?

Not yet. I wanted to add keyboard support + custom controls at the same time, and I haven't gotten to the latter yet

It does now! <3